Three of Colorado’s Most Dangerous Stretches of Road

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Colorado Road Map - 08-24-16

By Staff Attorney
The Gasper Law Group, PLLC

Last year saw a record-breaking number of fatal traffic accidents in Colorado; 2015 marked the deadliest year for drivers on record since 2008. Although forensic experts are still debating exactly what caused this spike in fatalities, it probably doesn’t help that Colorado is home to some of the most dangerous roads in the country. We’ve listed three of the most dangerous stretches in the state, so you know to take alternate routes whenever possible and to exercise maximal care.

  1. Million Dollar Highway

Southwest Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is undoubtedly beautiful, stretching between Durango and Ouray with three breathtaking mountain passes over 10,000 feet. Although the freeway certainly offers million dollar views, it also presents drivers with unprotected cliffsides with steep, twisting paths that don’t allow much room for error. The highway becomes all the more dangerous during the winter months, which may be why locals say you would have to “pay me a million dollars” to brave the snowy stretch.

  1. Colorado State Highway 470

Commonly abbreviated as C-470, the highway stretching along Front Ranger between Alameda, Santa Fe, and Jewell is the number one most dangerous road in the state, according to Colorado State Patrol. The alarming number of injuries and fatalities along this stretch of road could be attributed to the combination of steep hills in the area and lack of guardrails.

  1. Interstate 25

In 2014, Colorado’s Interstate 25 claimed 10 lives—more than triple the average over the previous five years. The sudden increase prompted legislators to propose an expansion of I-25 to six lanes from Longmont to Fort Collins. Both motorists and the Colorado Department of Transportation have argued that safety on this road could be improved by increased ticketing of drivers who exceed the speed limit, tailgate, and violate other traffic laws.

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