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By December 26, 2009March 29th, 2022Criminal Defense

By Tonya Holliday
Sr. Paralegal
The Gasper Law Group

If you’ve ever been involved in a criminal case, whether as a Defendant, victim or family/friend, you know it’s stressful. I am a criminal defense paralegal so I talk to hundreds of defendants, victims and family and friends every day. My advice is always the same: Take a hot bath (or soak in the hot tub); drink hot tea, not alcohol – it will get you in trouble; and to yoga breathe.

Studies show that by yoga breathing you release the pent-up toxins that build up in the body. Criminal proceedings produce high levels of stress because of many factors: interviews with police officers, court appearances, polygraph tests, fear of the unknown or even the known if you’ve been through the system before. These cases impact a person in all aspects of their lives.

Defendants hire attorneys to help alleviate some of the stress of these proceedings. It’s less stressful when you appear in court with an attorney because they do the talking and usually have the answers the Judge is looking for; less stressful when you have attorney negotiating with the District Attorney’s Office regarding your case. I recommend everyone, whether you hire The Gasper Law Group or if you choose to hire someone else, hire an attorney when they have a criminal proceeding not just to help reduce your stress but to help you navigate the Criminal Justice System with as little stress as possible.