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How Our Colorado Springs Divorce Attorneys Can Help You

When considering divorce in Colorado, or if divorce papers have been served, seeking legal representation and counsel from a divorce attorney can be highly beneficial. For over 20 years, the Gasper Law Group in Colorado Springs has successfully handled countless divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys take a personalized approach to help you achieve the desired outcome for your family. Our divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs can help you navigate divorce and create a favorable solution.

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We understand that it might be a challenging time for you and your family — many divorce cases can be complex and difficult to navigate on your own. That’s why our compassionate lawyers are here for you. We work to ensure the best possible outcome for your family. No matter your situation, we can provide invaluable legal assistance and representation throughout the entire divorce process. One of our highest priorities is communication, and our supporting legal staff at The Gasper Law Group focuses on providing regular case updates and ongoing communication.

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Understanding the Types of Divorce in Colorado

Before filing for divorce, it’s important to understand how family court proceeds with a dissolution of marriage in family court. Legal proceedings for divorce are handled by the court, and therefore may vary at a state level. To make things easier for our clients, we’ve put together a dissolution of marriage roadmap so you can learn how divorce in Colorado typically progresses and what to expect during each stage.

Our divorce lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide about the following types of divorce and considerations:

No Fault Divorce

The only proof needed for divorce under Colorado law is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” No fault divorce means that fault is not considered a factor in divorce.

Contested & Non-Contested Divorce

Dissolving a marriage is divided into two key considerations, which is contested vs. uncontested divorce. If a divorce occurs with both parties agreeing on all points (child custody, child support, division of assets, and spousal maintenance) then the divorce is considered an uncontested divorce. However, if any of these or other circumstances related to the marriage are in dispute, it becomes a contested divorce.

High Asset Divorce

When businesses, property, and other valuable assets are involved in a divorce, complications may arise that require help from a high asset divorce attorney.

Military Divorce

Military divorce in Colorado has some special considerations that civilian divorce might not, such as circumstances relating to duty stations and what to do about healthcare benefits.


You may have many reasons to seek an annulment of a marriage rather than a divorce, but there are certain criteria that must align in order to qualify.

Other Considerations When Getting Divorced

Our divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs work to address all legal considerations, including:

Child Custody and Child Support

Our child custody lawyers work to ensure the best for the children and all parties. When parents are getting divorced, one of the parents is expected to contribute financially to the well-being of the child(ren) through child support payments until they turn 19 years old. We can help you navigate all factors involved when getting divorced with children.

Legal Separation

Sometimes couples choose legal separation rather than divorce if they no longer wish to legally reside together and desire to separate their debts but are continuing either therapy or an attempt to reconcile. The procedures followed for legal separation are the same as for divorce, the only difference is that after the decree is entered declaring the parties legally separated, the parties cannot be officially divorced until after six months following the decree of legal separation.

Property Division

Colorado is an equitable distribution state, meaning the property is divided in a way that is fair rather than “equal.” A number of factors come into play to make that determination and our divorce lawyers can help protect your interests.


Alimony, referred to as spousal maintenance under Colorado law, allows one ex-spouse to provide financial support to the other either until they are either able to support themselves through employment or they remarry. Many factors can be at play when determining if alimony will be awarded, and no two cases are completely the same.

Restraining Orders

Many types of restraining orders may be filed in relation to divorce proceedings. It is important to know the difference and speak to our knowledgeable Colorado Springs divorce attorneys if you have questions.

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The Gasper Law Group is dedicated to providing Colorado couples and families with quality legal representation during a divorce. With our vast knowledge and resources, our experienced attorneys can help protect your parental rights and financial assets and achieve the best possible outcome in all divorce and family law matters.

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