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Colorado Divorce Information

Divorce procedures in Colorado start out the same regardless if there are children involved or not. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare.

divorce procedures

The only proof needed for divorce under Colorado law is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Fault is not usually considered a factor in divorce.

no fault divorce

If a divorce occurs with both parties agreeing on all points such as property division, child custody, and child support, then the divorce is considered an uncontested divorce. However, if any of these or other circumstances related to the marriage are in dispute, it becomes a contested divorce.

contested vs non contested divorce

Many types of restraining orders may be filed in relation to divorce proceedings. It is important to know the difference and speak to an attorney if you have questions.

restraining orders

Learn how divorce in Colorado typically progresses and what to expect during each stage.

dissolution of marriage roadmap

You may have many reasons to seek an annulment of a marriage rather than a divorce, but there are certain criteria that must align in order to qualify.

annulment in colorado

When businesses, property, and other valuable assets are involved in a divorce, complications may arise that require help from a high asset divorce attorney.

high asset divorce

Military divorce in Colorado has some special considerations that civilian divorce might not, such as circumstances relating to duty stations and what to do about healthcare benefits.

military divorce

Alimony, referred to as spousal maintenance under Colorado law, allows one ex-spouse to provide financial support to the other either until they are either able to support themselves through employment or they remarry. Many factors can be at play when determining if alimony will be awarded, and no two cases are completely the same.

alimony and spousal maintenance

Read frequently asked questions and the answers about common divorce and family law matters in Colorado

divorce and family law faqs