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If a minor is arrested on suspicion of a crime, you may assume their case will be handled through the Colorado juvenile crimes justice system. This is not always the case, however, as many juveniles are charged as adults. In either situation, having a skilled criminal defense lawyer with specific experience handling juvenile cases is imperative.

At the Gasper Law Group, we have seen firsthand the effects a criminal allegation and/or conviction can have on a young person’s life. Attorney Caryn J. Adams is committed to protecting the rights of juveniles accused of crimes in Colorado. All of our criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs are highly skilled and proactive, so please contact our office to discuss how we can assist you or your child today.

Common Juvenile Cases

Juveniles can be accused of breaking the law just like anyone else and regularly face a wide variety of criminal charges. Some of the more common charges faced by juveniles can include the following:

All of the above offenses carry collateral consequences for a juvenile. For example, they may have their driver’s license suspended because of a DUI case or become ineligible for federal financial aid due to drug convictions. Sexual offenses can have a particularly serious impact if the juvenile is ordered to report as a sex offender. Our sex crimes defense attorneys can save your personal and professional opportunities for years, as registration does not simply end once the juvenile becomes an adult. And it is important to remember that all of these consequences are in addition to any time in jail or a juvenile detention center, fines, or strict probation conditions.

Handling Matters in Juvenile Court

The juvenile justice system works quite differently from the adult criminal justice system in Colorado. An attorney who understands how to navigate the juvenile system can work with prosecutors to encourage rehabilitative solutions instead of detention. Rehabilitative options can even result in a positive impact on a juvenile’s life by addressing underlying issues. Oftentimes, enrollment in substance abuse counseling, anger management classes, or other types of assistance may be all it takes to get a juvenile a second chance; to proceed without any type of record.

Representing Your Child in Criminal Court

It is a frightening prospect for a juvenile to be charged as an adult. Seeing a child appear in court next to adult defendants and, if convicted, be imprisoned alongside adult offenders can have a dramatic impact on the developing psyche of a child. Not only can this be dangerous for a child, it can change the course of their lives, from how they are treated to how they treat themselves. Not only do the attorneys at The Gasper Law Group handle cases in juvenile court, but we do so with the experience gained from constant, daily practice in the courtroom. No matter what type of case a juvenile faces, we can provide assistance.

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The criminal defense team at the Gasper Law Group believes that every juvenile should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of what accusations have been made against them. Our job is to protect juveniles’ rights and, ultimately, their future.

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