DUI Probation Requirements

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Common Restrictions and Violations of DUI Probation

If you are convicted of drunk driving (or other crimes) in Colorado Springs, the judge may impose probation instead of jail time. If you are eligible for a diversion program or deferred sentence, your case will eventually be dismissed if you adhere to the court’s terms. Violating your DUI probation or diversion requirements will land you back before the judge – and possibly in jail.

The experienced DUI attorneys of the Gasper Law Group advise on what you need to do to comply with probation. We know the common pitfalls that get people in trouble. We can also help if you falter, so that you don’t pay the ultimate price for a moment of bad judgment or an honest mistake. Our criminal defense law firm represents clients in Colorado Springs, El Paso County and surrounding jurisdictions of Colorado. Call 719-227-7779 for a free consultation.

Terms of DUI Probation

A judge may impose any of the following in exchange for staying a jail sentence or entering a DUI diversion program. If you violate these terms, you will have to appear in court for a probation revocation hearing. The judge can revoke probation and send you to jail.

Urine tests – Some people try to cheat the regular screenings, or they get tripped up by a random test. If you had a “dirty UA” (urine analysis), we try to get as many clean ones as possible before your court appearance.

Reporting Violation – Some people lose touch with their probation officer or the court after several months. Failure to report as ordered can lead to revocation of probation. We urge clients to re-connect with the P.O. or court officer as soon as possible.

Fines, fees and community service – Missing the deadline for paying court costs and fines is a violation of probation. We help clients get caught up or explain why they couldn’t pay on time, and make arrangements to follow through on community service requirements.

Violation of provisions – The court can put all types of restrictions and demands on you:

  • Staying in school
  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Refraining from drinking alcohol
  • Staying out of bars and night clubs

We work to mitigate on your behalf and assist you in staying on the straight line for the rest of your probation or program. We also work with and communicate with your DUI probation officer or the court to focus on all the positive steps you have made, and not just a one-time slip-up.

If you qualify, we will do our part to ensure that you get probation in lieu of jail, and help you stay on probation. Contact the Gasper Law Group for a free initial consultation about your DUI or probation violation.

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