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Life After DUI License Suspension: 7 Keys to Making Life Work, Even If You Have No Car

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Life After DUI License Suspension: 7 Keys to Making Life Work, Even If You Have No Car

You received a DUI, and the DMV suspended your license. However, your life hasn’t stopped, and you need to figure out how to make your schedule work, even without a car. While you are admittedly in a tight situation, it’s not impossible to navigate the obstacles ahead. Even so, you can survive without a car with some planning and foresight. The following seven tips can help you do so successfully.

Keys to Survival without a Vehicle

  1. Plan ahead – You will not be able to wait until you are down to a banana and a half a carton of milk with no other food in the house before you schedule a trip to the grocery store. Instead, strategize more carefully to stock up on food and sundries and get to work and other appointments as needed.
  2. Walk – For short distances and time permitting, walking saves you money. It’s also a great way to get in shape and make good on your New Year’s resolution to (finally) use that FitBit you got last year. However, if you have far to go, or if you’re facing inclement weather, this option might prove impractical or dangerous.
  3. Bike – Like walking, bicycling is cost-effective and healthy. You can travel even further and commute much more quickly. However, you can be hindered by poor weather or road conditions. You will also need the proper provisions, like a tuned-up bike and state of the art helmet to avoid crashing and head injuries.
  4. Public transportation – Leave the driving to someone else and read, catch up on email, relax or even nap while on the bus or train.
  5. Ask for rides from a family member or friend – Don’t be shy about asking for help when you need it! Especially if you have obligations that you cannot eliminate – such as business trips and child care obligations – you need to lean on your support system. To avoid inconveniencing those offering the help, plan and combine your trips to maximize the efficiency of your excursions.
  6. Use Uber or similar types of taxi services – These services provide the convenience of door-to-door transportation at a reduced rate.
  7. Get creative, and combine methods – Walk or bicycle to public transportation and then hop on the bus, putting your bicycle on the back. Or run to work (for the exercise), and then take an Uber home (to avoid being out alone in the dark).

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