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Managing Paralegal, Stephanie Marrero, Now a Licensed Legal Professional (LLP)

The Gasper Law Group is pleased to announce that Managing Paralegal Stephanie R. Marrero is among the inaugural group of Colorado Licensed Legal Professionals (LLPs). We are excited to offer Stephanie our heartfelt congratulations on her achievement. Her accomplishment will now allow the Gasper Law Group to do an even better job of offering the highest quality legal services for a reasonable cost.

LLPs are now able to offer some services to clients that previously only attorneys could. This is because Colorado decided to become one of the handful of states to allow individuals without law degrees to represent clients under some circumstances. This was done with the goal of making legal services more affordable, and therefore allowing more people to have access to these services.

In Colorado, LLPs are allowed to serve clients in domestic relation cases, such as divorces and cases involving the allocation of parental responsibilities. They may represent their clients during mediation. They can draft legal documents and file them with the Court, without the need for these documents to be reviewed and signed by an attorney, as must occur when a document is drafted by a paralegal or legal assistant. LLPs may also appear in court with their clients. There they can answer judges’ questions about the case. Unlike attorneys, they cannot question witnesses or present oral arguments to the Court.

Much like the legal services they provide, LLP rates are between those of an attorney and of a paralegal. This will allow clients more options to manage the cost of their legal services in those cases where a matter may be handled either partially or entirely by an LLP. As always, the Gasper Law Group is committed to providing clients with the highest quality legal services while also providing options that fit within our client’s financial means. We are thrilled to offer yet another option to our community and look forward to incorporating the LLP profession into our practice.