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Building a New Life After Divorce: Finding Hope and Healing

Young woman holding wedding ring

Life after divorce can be scary, but people can still find hope and healing. Divorce is stressful, but once the divorce is finalized, assets and debts have been dealt with, and there are parenting orders to follow (if there were kids), people can create their new normal. They can find hope in moving forward and explore who they are and what their interest might be. This can all be healing and once things are finalized and people can move on, it does get better.

Finding hope and healing can start with a change in perspective. After separating and concluding the long court process people can focus their attention on other things. This can include picking up a new hobby like painting, hiking, photography and much more. It can allow you to get back into your friend group or make new friends with your new found hobbies! You might have the time now to read those books on your shelf or sign up for cooking classes. The world can have endless possibilities if a person wants it to. This can still be the case with kids as well. You can pick up new hobbies with kids or find things to occupy the time that the kids will be with the other parent. Whichever case it may be or whatever people decide to do, the important is to do things for oneself.

The marriage didn’t work out, for whatever reason, but now is the time where a person can reinvent themselves in a way they feel will be healthy. It’s also not a bad idea to seek a therapist to get through the rougher patches. Seeking the love and support of family and friends is also a good idea. As time goes on things will get better but there is hope and healing that can happen right after the conclusion of a divorce. Celebrate small victories because they eventually turn into bigger ones. Give yourself grace because while things may be difficult now, a divorce can be the beginning of something new.

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