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Experienced Colorado Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate Litigation, & Criminal Defense Lawyers

Experienced Attorneys & High-Quality Representation.  Gasper Law Group is a law firm that provides representation for family law, divorce, estate planning, probate litigation, and criminal defense cases. Our firm is one of the top law firms in Colorado Springs and serves El Paso County, Teller County, Douglas County, Pueblo County, Fremont County, and the Greater Denver Metropolitan area.

Our well-established law firm enjoys a solid reputation and provides clients with experienced, high-quality, and dedicated representation in the areas of:

Our Colorado Springs-based law firm helps clients by offering invaluable advice, performing excellent legal work, and advocating zealously for our clients in court. Rest assured, however, that the lawyers of Gasper Law Group in Colorado Springs understand that, even though legal assistance can be expensive, excellent and experienced representation can be provided in an affordable manner by offering Low Retainers and No-Interest Payment Plans.

Where Can We Help?

High-value advice. High-quality representation.

Expert Lawyers At An Affordable Price

By offering Low Retainers and Interest-Free Payment Plans, we can continue working with clients to ensure they get the best representation without burdening them with the ever-increasing initial costs of retaining an attorney and then maintaining legal representation by paying outrageous sums of money throughout a client’s case. We are proud of our representation of clients and ability to keep our legal fees reasonable. The Gasper Law Group Team is not all about the money; we are all about Helping People First™!

Our service men and women deal with another layer of issues having to do with the special laws surrounding military retirements, housing allowances, etc. The Gasper Law Group supports our military clients with military discounts and special knowledge of how Colorado’s divorce laws apply to those who serve our country.

Receive Knowledgeable Legal Representation

With a commitment to using cutting-edge technology in the service of our clients, the attorneys at the Gasper Law Group offer diligent representation in Colorado Springs and beyond. Our legal professionals provide individuals throughout Southern Colorado with experienced, dedicated representation in many areas, including criminal defense, DUI, estate planning, probate litigation, and family law. Whether you are facing prosecution or find yourself making life-changing decisions with your family situation, we can help you understand your rights and potential options.

Meet Your Attorneys

Your Trusted Team At Gasper Law Group
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Proud Involvement In Our Communities

When you work with The Gasper Law Group, you contribute to our local community. Our Colorado Springs law firm has a long and rewarding history of assisting families. This includes active duty military and our nation’s veterans through philanthropic and charitable means. Thank you for supporting local organizations by partnering with our attorneys on your case.

Our Affiliates Include:

  • Pikes Peak Rodeo or Bust
  • Court Care of the Pikes Peak Area
  • District 11 Schools of Colorado Springs
  • Rotary Club of Colorado Springs
  • CASA of the Pikes Peak Region
  • Colorado Springs Western Street Breakfast

Fight Criminal Charges

With the Assistance of Skilled Colorado Springs DUI Lawyers

Our firm can also provide experienced criminal defense for Colorado residents facing prosecution. Some of the matters we have handled include DUI offenses, sex crimes, and cases in municipal courts. While being accused of a crime is a deeply stressful experience, it is important to remember that defendants have many rights to protect them.

For example, evidence seized by law enforcement in violation of those rights can be excluded at trial, undermining the case against you. Moreover, the prosecution must prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and a tenacious attorney can help ensure they are held to that high standard.

Our attorneys are prepared to fight for you in a DUI case as well. We understand how getting a DUI can impact multiple areas of your life, such as your ability to keep your job and relationships with your family. We are knowledgeable about proceedings leading up to your case and can navigate the court system to ensure a positive outcome in your favor.

    "Caryn Adams took such good care of me"
    Caryn Adams took such good care of me threw out my legal situation and was constantly keeping me in the loop! Couldn’t ask for better representation!
    - Ryan L.
    "My charges were dropped and we walked away with all parental rights/custody and a restraining order against the other party."
    Caryn Adams and her team are hands down the BEST. I don't think I would have made it through what I went through without her by my side. My charges were dropped and we walked away with all parental rights/custody and a restraining order against the other party.
    - Avarie J.
    "I highly recommend that you not waste your time hiring other attorneys and hire the Gasper Law Group."
    After an absolutely crazy incident that could not have been seen almost anywhere besides a movie. I received some serious charges and was in search of an attorney. They would not only represent me but need to do the right thing because it's the right thing...
    - Lance F.
    "They answered every call, every email from me in the long process of this probate and they all was very professional"

    I really want to Thank Jack, Emily, and Therese for all their hard work taking care of my sister Pamela Bellos’s estate , they answered every call, every email from me in the long process of this probate and they all was very professional

    - Karen B.
    "Thank you so much! You helped complete our family and we are forever grateful."
    Christine, Kris, and Ebony are amazing and compassionate. We enjoyed every interaction. Gasper Law firm keeps appropriate communication and not in excess which keeps our cost low. We are so very grateful. Even if an unexpected turn in our guardianship hearing they remained diligent to ensure things were done in a timely manner. Thank you so much! You helped complete our family and we are forever grateful.
    - Misty M.
    "A courteous, respectful, and efficient group in all phases and aspects of due diligence"
    Highly professional team of attorneys and paralegal staff who work hard to reach the best outcomes for their clients. A courteous, respectful, and efficient group in all phases and aspects of due diligence, and discovery with effective preparation of cases entrusted to them. The partner representing me, Ms. Caryn Adams was truly impressive in her knowledge of the law, her empathy, and her care for getting the best possible resolution in my favor in pre-trial negotiation. And I have no doubt she and her team would be just as dedicated and efficient in more complex defense situations. I recommend them highly and without reservation in all areas of the law in which they are eminently qualified.
    - Salah H.

    In The News

      Navigating Legal Issues

      Family Law and Divorce

      If you have questions about family legal issues such as divorce, annulment, adoption, or modifying a child support order, our attorneys can help. We have represented clients in complex divorce cases as well as in uncontested divorce, and we bring compassion and understanding to what we do.

      The extent to which family law impacts people’s everyday lives can be somewhat surprising until you face a legal issue that directly affects you. For example, a blended family where the parents bring in children from previous relationships can face complicated issues such as child custody, relocation issues, and, in the case where one of the partners is still in the divorce process, issues like property division and child support may still be in play.

      At the Gasper Law Group, we can handle family law related issues from the beginning of a relationship through its dissolution for all family members – mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children. Our experience and knowledge work towards finding the best resolution for your family situation.

      Support for Military Families 

      In Need of Family Law Attorneys

      Because we are one of the top firms in El Paso County, Colorado, families have depended on us for a number of years to resolve their issues. And since we are located near some of the busiest military posts in the country, we have served clients from all walks of life, including current military servicemembers and their families. Unique situations in a military divorce, such as jurisdiction and a military service member’s pension, among other circumstances, make the dissolution of the relationship more complex.

      In family law cases, there are protections in place for service members who are otherwise indisposed and cannot attend court proceedings due to deployment or other requirements of the job. As such, our attorneys have flexible availability to accommodate your needs and can facilitate the process of appearing in court via telephone, allowing the servicemember to continue providing for their family while resolving the family’s legal issue.