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BAIL BOND…not just for TV!


By Tonya L. Holliday, Senior Paralegal
The Gasper Law Group

Have you ever wondered about the people you see on Dog the Bounty Hunter or people being arrested on COPS?
Well, once they are arrest and processed into jail a bond, otherwise known as bail, is either granted or denied based on several factors: the charge, employment history, residence, standing in the community, criminal history, just to name a few.
I recently had lunch with an office manager for a local bondsman and she enlightened me about their requirements. The requirements for using a bondsman to bail out of jail are based on the charge and the bond amount.
For instance if you have a bond of $100,000 you would need a percentage of that amount up front and a homeowner or business owner to co-sign and put up collateral for your bond to ensure you will be in court at every court hearing. If it’s a bond amount of $5,000 you would need a percentage of that up front and that’s it.
If you are on bond there are certain conditions that are required. You must have permission from the court and your bondsman to travel out of state. You must get consent from your bondsman to stay on bond between certain hearings. The bondsman is required to know where you are at all times. They usually have “bounty hunters” they employ if you miss court.

It’s important that you check with your bondsman, and attorney to make sure you are doing everything that is required of you.

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