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Our Criminal Defense System – A Costly Endeavor


By Robert R. Gray
Firm Administrator
The Gasper Law Group

“I’m innocent and I shouldn’t have to pay for my legal defense”. “It’s just not fair”.

So, this is just my opinion… but after being involved in the system for over a decade, I truly believe that we have a “Legal” system and not a “Justice” system. I guess it would be a little strange to end the Pledge of Allegiance with “ … with Liberty and Legal for All.” However, it is often times a reality that there is no “Justice” in our “Justice System” when an innocent defendant has to pay significant costs for hiring a lawyer to defend him or her without the ability to recover those expenditures.

Regardless of the innocence of the defendant, the cost of legal representation is tremendous. Like I often tell potential clients, “I bet this wasn’t in your budget!” Especially in these difficult economic times, the cost of a Criminal Defense Lawyer is often a burden that defendants and their families have trouble coping with.

OK … so what’s my point? Well, I guess it’s time to brag a little. You see, I have the honor of working as the Firm’s Administrator for a Criminal Defense, Domestic Relations, and Civil Law Firm that has as one of its mottos “helping people first”. That is, at the Gasper Law Group, we understand that the cost of legal services is very expensive and most often not a consideration in one’s budget. It’s why from the inception of the firm, Allen C. Gasper, the firm’s Senior Partner, made the statement that we would do whatever we could to ease the cost burden of hiring an attorney.

This philosophy has made it so The Gasper Law Group has some of the lowest retainers in the business, work out individual payment plans; payment plans with ZERO INTEREST, has set low Flat Fees for Criminal Defense, and works with clients to assist them in affording the very best in legal representation at a cost that the average family can afford. It’s why attorneys at The Gasper Law Group do not “talk money” with clients. They are truly all about “helping people first” and when you are talking to an attorney at The Gasper Law Group, they are talking to you about your matter; their only worry!

Perhaps you’ve read through this blog article and said, “its nothing but an advertisement for The Gasper Law Group”. I suppose there would be a good argument for that. However, in this day when folks are struggling to make ends meet, isn’t it refreshing that there are some law firms that are trying to be a part of the solution? Yes, it’s just not fair that quality legal representation comes at such a high price. It’s particularly not fair that families of innocent folks have to bear that burden. That being said, it’s important that the legal community step up and do its part to “help people first” without charging prices and requiring retainers that the average family can’t afford. There are hundreds of lawyers … call around … you will find out very quickly about the firms that are “all about the money”.

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