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Children and your attorney’s office


The Gasper Law Group, PLLC

In many divorce cases, children are unintentionally caught in the middle. When you come to your attorney’s office it is often best to find child care, or schedule your appointment at a time when the kids are in school so that you are not exposing the children to the facts of your case. Children always seem to listen in on conversations when we least expect it. When you meet with your attorney, everything that is said is confidential and is never repeated without the client’s authorization. The last thing you want is for your child to go back to your ex-spouse and innocently begin to talk about the conversation you had with your attorney.
Many standard Domestic Relations Court Orders regarding parenting time will state that neither parent shall discuss any aspect of their case with the children. This can create confusion and possibly drive a wedge in the children’s relationship with the other parent. So always be sure to think ahead and prepare for child care before your appointment with your attorney. Preparing for outside child care is always a whole lot cheaper than having to pay your attorney or paralegal rate for one of them to look after your children during your meeting.

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