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In Memoriam: Don A. “Mo” Frederick, Sep 20, 1965 to Dec 25, 2017

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In Memoriam

Sep 20, 1965 to Dec 25, 2017


About Don A. Frederick

Don A. “Mo” Frederick was hired by The Gasper Law Group on May 3, 2017 as a Family Attorney and mentor.

Mo was raised in Colorado Springs. Just before his 11th birthday his family moved to North Pole, Alaska.  Mo graduated from North Pole Jr.-Sr. High School in 1984.

Mo attended Harvard University earning Bachelor’s degree in Government. In the summer and fall semester of his senior year at Harvard he studied abroad in Seville, Spain.

After Mo graduated from Harvard he was accepted to the University of Denver/Sturm College of Law in the fall of 1989.  He earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1992.  For 17 of his 23 years in practice he enjoyed private practice specializing primarily in Family Law and Criminal Defense.

Mo was a prosecutor for the City of Colorado Springs from December, 1999 until May, 2001.  From July, 2003 until February, 2006, Mo worked for Colorado Legal Services helping (primarily) victims of domestic violence on a grant given to only six counties in the United States.

Mo was a Certified Advanced Facilitator of Communications, Business, and Employment Law, Ethics, and Criminal Justice and Securities to graduate and undergraduate for 14+ years at the University of Phoenix.  He was also a Certified Faculty Trainer for “The New Classroom”.  He was the recipient of the 2009-10 Faculty Equity Award and the 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 Faculty Incentive Awards. In January, 2012 he was named the “Outstanding Faculty of the Quarter” at the former Southern Colorado Campus. He was a former Lead Faculty Area Chair for the College of Criminal Justice and Security as well as the Lead Faculty Area Chair for Business Law and Finance. In April of 2012 Mo was inducted as a Faculty Member of the Eta Theta Honor Society for the Criminal Justice and Securities College.  Mo was featured in the Fall 2013 Faculty Focus for earning scholarship honors while speaking at an Americans with Disabilities symposium at the UCLA Law School in March, 2013.

Mo had earned a state certification to teach criminal justice courses and business law through Colorado Community Colleges online.

When he was not teaching, he enjoyed activities in his church including being an usher, working on the “grill team”, serving in the kitchen, drama, and sign language interpreting.  Every now and then he incorporated a little Spanish interpretation as well.

Mo volunteered at nearly every ask-a-lawyer or call-a-lawyer event in El Paso County.  He was named the outstanding Pro Bono Attorney in 2016.  He served as the attorney representative of the Adult Community Impact Program, a mandatory class for shop lifters.

Three of Mo’s favorite things were Diana Ross, West Side Story and Tigger.

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