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Big Court Of Appeals Win For GLG


GLG was on the right side of the Court of Appeals decision this week winning a long battle for their client.

The client was the beneficiary of a substantial life insurance policy from her recently deceased ex-husband which was paid out to her according to the terms of the policy.  The estate of the ex-husband moved in divorce court for an order that client repay the proceeds to the estate.  GLG convinced the divorce court that the case was over upon the death of the ex-husband.

Undaunted and still demanding the life insurance money, the estate of the ex-husband then sued client in district court alleging wrongful payment and breach of contract.  GLG won a quick dismissal of the case in its early stages showing that the money was appropriately paid to client.

The ex-husband’s estate was still not dissuaded in their efforts for money they believed they were entitled to and appealed to the Court of Appeals.  After briefing the issues and oral argument by Ken Gray, GLG again proved that the client was legally and properly paid the proceeds of the life insurance policy.

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