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Accusations of Harassment

Experienced VRO Defense in Colorado Springs
A restraining order violation is a serious criminal offense, even if the allegation was trumped up by your ex-spouse or partner. You will need knowledgeable defense to stay out of jail and prevent these allegations from ruining your life.If you are accused of the crime of Violation of Restraining Order (VRO), you have just been thrust in the criminal defense arena facing the possibility of jail time. If convicted, you will be prevented from owning or possessing firearms for one year or more.

The Gasper Law Group provides aggressive, experienced defense for all domestic violence charges. We practice in El Paso County, Teller County and neighboring counties, including representation of military personnel in the Colorado Springs area.

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What Did I Do Wrong?

If you are accused of a restraining order violation, it means that you defied (a) an automatic 72-hour no-contact injunction following an arrest for spousal abuse, or (b) a permanent restraining order that continues the temporary order.Virtually any action can be considered a violation of a restraining order:

  • Showing up at the house or the person’s workplace
  • Going to your children’s school or day care
  • Phone calls, e-mails or letters
  • Sending flowers or other tokens of apology
  • Messages to the victim via a third party
  • Stalking, harassment, hang-ups or threats

Protecting Your Rights and Reputation

To be arrested and charged, you must have been served with the restraining order or had knowledge that it was issued (i.e., the victim, friend or family member informed you of the order). We explore all defenses, including lack of intent to harm or intimidate, false accusations and motivations of the victim relating to a pending custody dispute or divorce.

In one case, we represented a man accused of driving by the house to spy on his estranged wife. Attorney Allen Gasper proved that the incident never occurred; receipts proved that our client was on the other side of Colorado at the time.

We also serve clients in divorce and family law matters. Managing Attorney, Carrie E. Kelly, heads the GLG division that practices in divorce and custody law.

We fight the charges to preserve your freedom and avoid the collateral consequences. If you were arrested for a restraining order violation, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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